Capture decran 2020 09 27 a 10.27.17We are very pleased to present four articles from the research of our colleagues from the University of the Basque Country : Elena Herrán, Haizea Belza, Maitane Belasko and Jone Sagastui, and M. Teresa Anguera from the University of Barcelona​​. Their research concern the educational activity of two caregivers, videotaped during three months at the Emmi Pikler kindergarten in Budapest.

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We are pleased to present Monika Aly and Anja Werner's lecture at our last international symposium.

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They tell us about their work with children with developmental disabilities and how the Piklerian approach brings real richness, even a paradigm shift within care, analyzed in a very fine and in-depth way.

We thank them for sharing their Piklerian knowledge and experience with all of us!








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Emmi PiklerHere is an excellent article on Emmi Pikler’s life, written by Ruth Mason. It goes back to her theoretical background and the inspirations that helped Pikler to build her work on child development. It also brings interesting information on the period of the second world war in Hungary, and the role of Emmi Pikler in these difficult times.


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We are happy to present three very rich articles to you, coming from the meetings of a group which reflected on the adaptation of Emmi Pikler's ideas in nurseries.

This group was created in 2010 on the initiative of Paulette Jaquet Travaglini and Eszter Mózes, and was made up of 11 members from 6 different countries. He was attached to Pikler International since the beginnings of the association. The documents are in French.

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Dear Friend, 

We are excited to inform you that the publications of the Pikler House in Budapest are finally available online at www.shop.pikler.hu. The Pikler Shop offers books, DVDs and articles on the Pikler Approach in 10 different languages and on topics ranging from free movement and play to the care of infants in the Piklerian way.

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