The composition of the Board of Directors and the representativeness of each member are regulated in the following articles of the Rules of Procedure, which determine, among others:

Art 19

The Board is composed of one representative of each of the collective members, three representatives of the associate members and one representative of the individual members.

The representatives of the collective members are appointed by their organization. The representatives of the associate and individual members are elected by the General Assembly.


Art. 23

The Board has a quorum if all members have been invited and if at least half of the members are present.


Functioning of the Board

In order to clarify its functioning and to ensure the presence of at least half of the members (see Art. 23), the Board shall adopt the following rules of procedure:

Each member is required to follow the invitation of the President.

In case of justified prevention, the Board may request a substitute in order to avoid a lack of quorum.

Each representation, whether of the collective or associated members, is free to elect, designate or otherwise appoint substitutes in accordance with its statutes.

The representative may not appoint his/her own substitute.

The / the representative of the individual members cannot appoint their substitutes if they are prevented from attending. They are to be excused

The identity of the deputy must be made known to the Board in writing.

The substitute has the same rights and obligations as the substitute he/she replaces, but only for the single meeting for which he/she has been called up.

The absence of the substitute and his/her replacement must be communicated to the President (of the Board) in writing or by email at least 3 days before the meeting.

The substitution will be recorded in the minutes.

The representative informs his/her substitute about the agenda and the business to be dealt with.

The substitute informs his/her representative about the meeting he/she attended.

Representatives of associate or individual members may mandate a Board member in the event that they are unable to attend.

The mandated Board member casts his/her vote on behalf of the mandated representative.

This mandating is only possible at the meeting concerned. If the delegate of the associate or individual members is prevented from attending more than one meeting, the mandate must be renewed in each case.

A board member may not hold more than one mandate.

These Rules of Procedure were adopted at the Board meeting held in Berlin on May 31, 2015. They come into force immediately.