Three Pikler experiences presented by Pikler International.

Anna Tardos, Budapest: "From infant home to nursery: the importance of individualized care"

Daniela Hantsch, Vienna: "How I can support free play".

Raymonde Caffari, Lausanne: "I do what I want!".


Early Bird fee until 30.10.2023:

15€ for members of Pikler International.

20€ for members of a Pikler International affiliated association.

30€ non-members


after that 5€ more


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We would like to make a publication on our website under "news" in all languages:

The Pikler International 2022 grants have been awarded. Congratulations to:


Ana Bordos-Boldisor, République de Moldavie

Magali Bruzzone, Uruguay

Minerva Patricia Bañuelos Cárdenas, Mexique

Fernando Fraga, Argentine


We thank all candidates for their great applications.



graziela kunsch vertical


Brazilian artist Graziela Kunsch is at the 15th Documenta in Kassel, Germany, with the project Public Daycare. Documenta is the world's most important exhibition of contemporary art and is held every 5 years. We are very happy/ that the pedagogy of Dr. Emmi Pikler will be shared by Graziela Kunsch. Kunsch will set up a day care center for parents and children inspired by Pikler's practice and theory, which will be available to parents and their children free of charge. In a second room, visitors without children will find photographs by Marian Reismann, videos and a variety of books and other materials related to Emmi Pikler's pedagogy.

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Photo Echanges et transmissions

The first meeting of the "exchanges and transmissions" working group was held on February 27, 2021, by video conference.


It was conducted in English and French, thanks to very competent translators, which allowed the discussion to take place with fluidity. It brought together a dozen people from five continents.


The rich and interesting discussions focused on:
• The conduction of the setting up of the Pikler approach in different childcare structures under the same administration.
• A reflection and a practice carried out about the familiarization in childcare, based on a text from the childcare study group.
• An illustration of the rights of children in institutions as defined by the Pikler Loczy Association of Hungary
• Exchanges from different places about parent-child groups.

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It is a great honor for us to be able to provide the text of the lecture given by Professor Dorothee Gutknecht from the University of Applied Sciences in Freiburg, Germany held at our symposium in April 2018. The presentation focus on the great importance of responsiveness of educational professionals who work with infants and young children in a childcare setting. Responsiveness is based on sensitive and attentive observation of the children, especially on their non-verbal signals. It always requires an observant attitude towards oneself as a pedagogical professional: the voice, breathing, muscle tone, but also attention to the effects and side effects of one's own actions. Professor Dorothee Gutknecht explains this systematically in relation to life activities such as eating, sleeping and resting, eliminating and playing. She also focuses in particular on the importance of cultural responsiveness, especially with regard to everyday activities. We thank Professor Dorothee Gutknecht for sharing her work with us. Her speech is very rich and clear, with many important details that we should always keep in mind! Enjoy reading!

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