In 2018 the Pikler Price was awarded during the 2018 Symposium to

Raymonde Caffari is a discreet person coming from a small country Switzerland. Yet it is unnecessary to present her since her reputation in Pikler pedagogy is grand. Anna Tardos’ words during the award ceremony speak for themselves:

“Raymonde Caffari, her solid wisdom, her stead personality and her devotion to others has greatly contributed to the development and success of the associations in Switzerland as well as internationally and the public foundation Emmi Pikler. Her research and pedagogical works, her engagement for the recognition and dissemination of the ideas of Emmi Pikler is considerable.

and to Valeria Kiss works for 41 years in "Lóczy", her first employment actually. With her calm and self-confidence, her relations to the children of high quality she was and is a good example for beginners in the nursery as well as in the daycare of today.